March News from Session

Last month, we affirmed our commitment to ensure the work of the church continues and hire a part-time Bridge Pastor as soon as possible. We quickly arranged with the Reverend Barbara Jordan, (a frequent worship leader for us), to provide on call pastoral care until a Bridge Pastor could begin. It remains important for you to assist us by notifying Clerk of Session Kathryn Fresch or  Deacon Moderator Peggy Waterman of any circumstance where the presence and support of the church is needed.

At the February Session meeting, we voted to hire 2 part-time Bridge Pastors, beginning March 1 and serving until May 31. A three-month time frame was determined to allow us time to complete the visioning process and begin to consider future needs.

The Session is happy to introduce the Reverends Dee and Kelly Talley, serving as Bridge Co-Pastors. The position is part time at 25 hours per week.

Kelly and Dee will lead worship, preach and administer the sacraments, moderate the Session and Congregational Meetings, be a resource to the Deacons, provide pastoral care, lead the Wednesday Bible Study and support other committees of Session as necessary.


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