Greetings from your Bridge Co-Pastors – April

We are working hard to match names and faces, and we are enjoying getting to know you and becoming familiar with the life of your faith community.

As I write, scraping and pounding overhead distracts me. Replacing roofs is one of those things in life that you try to ignore as long as possible, mutter and worry about, struggle with the cost of, then take deep breaths and face the reality of. Tomorrow or the next day we will rejoice that it is done and life can go on without that worry (and that money). Most importantly, life will go on.

So it is in the life of the church. Decisions about how to move ahead and how to use resources are sometimes driven by what is necessary, rather than exactly what we wish. Living Hope is   in a time of transition, in both leadership and vision for your future. And your decisions will likely be made with some combination of what is hoped for and what is possible.

Lent seems an appropriate time to spend time individually and     communally to reflect on what you want for Living Hope and what you are willing and able to do to move those ‘wants’ forward. This is a time to be hopeful and a time to be honest with each other. You have some help to sort out what the will of the congregation might be—how you all can continue to worship and serve God. Take this time and opportunity seriously.



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