Visioning Update

We have met three times in congregational gatherings, shared lunch and completed a process to provide the Visioning Team input.


In January, we remembered our past… when we first connected… why we stayed… and when the church became the body of Christ for us individually.


In February, we visited our present, and our passions for the next 3-5 years. We also completed       an exercise on what to Keep, Add, Improve or Drop. Prioritized results are below.

Priorities Ranking



Pastoral/Member Care

Community Outreach


In March, we looked toward our future for a sense of where God is leading us as a church. We were asked to dream about what or who we hope to see at Living Hope Presbyterian Church at some point in the future.   We were to dream big, with “God-Sized dreams”.

Individually, each person wrote 2-3 sentences summarizing their “God-Sized dream” for one of the above priorities.   Everyone was asked to select a second priority and write another “God-Sized dream.” All the dreams were collected for Visioning Team input.

What happens now?

The Visioning Team is prayerfully considering what we heard, along with reading and studying numerous documents from church leaders and resources. The Team will have a working/writing retreat with Jim Kitchens on April 8 to begin to develop our recommendations for LHPC’s future vision. The vision will be presented to session for discussion and approval.

Another very important piece of this process for a future vision is to discern future pastoral   leadership.

Please pray for LHPC, Visioning Team and session as they discern

our future vision over the next 2-3 months.


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