More Updated Photos…

On 9-22-15, several of our Collaboration Planning Group, along with potential residents of Dickson Hollow, were able to participate in a ‘dusty shoe’ tour of the new facility.  Here are just a few pictures.  Thank you to Keith P. for the great photos!

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1444_1466 (2)

This is the approach to the Living Hope Presbyterian Church entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1445_1467 (3)

Living Hope Presbyterian Church main entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1451_1473 (3)

Sanctuary view. Stained glass windows will go in the vertical set of window panes.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1458_1480 (3)

View of the Great Hall at Dickson Hollow.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1459_1481 (3)

Outdoor gazebo of Dickson Hollow.

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