Larry Under the Bridge

Larry Under the Bridge Ministry


Easter Sunday

April 16

Sign up to bring homemade Easter cookies or to help pack lunches after Easter worship.

Mission Committee will continue to collect monetary donations for purchasing food to pack for our Larry Under the Bridge lunch packing. It costs about $200 to pack the 24-30 lunches.

Please mark any donations “LUTB” on your giving envelopes. Thank you!


Visioning Update

We have met three times in congregational gatherings, shared lunch and completed a process to provide the Visioning Team input.


In January, we remembered our past… when we first connected… why we stayed… and when the church became the body of Christ for us individually.


In February, we visited our present, and our passions for the next 3-5 years. We also completed       an exercise on what to Keep, Add, Improve or Drop. Prioritized results are below.

Priorities Ranking



Pastoral/Member Care

Community Outreach


In March, we looked toward our future for a sense of where God is leading us as a church. We were asked to dream about what or who we hope to see at Living Hope Presbyterian Church at some point in the future.   We were to dream big, with “God-Sized dreams”.

Individually, each person wrote 2-3 sentences summarizing their “God-Sized dream” for one of the above priorities.   Everyone was asked to select a second priority and write another “God-Sized dream.” All the dreams were collected for Visioning Team input.

What happens now?

The Visioning Team is prayerfully considering what we heard, along with reading and studying numerous documents from church leaders and resources. The Team will have a working/writing retreat with Jim Kitchens on April 8 to begin to develop our recommendations for LHPC’s future vision. The vision will be presented to session for discussion and approval.

Another very important piece of this process for a future vision is to discern future pastoral   leadership.

Please pray for LHPC, Visioning Team and session as they discern

our future vision over the next 2-3 months.


Greetings from your Bridge Co-Pastors – April

We are working hard to match names and faces, and we are enjoying getting to know you and becoming familiar with the life of your faith community.

As I write, scraping and pounding overhead distracts me. Replacing roofs is one of those things in life that you try to ignore as long as possible, mutter and worry about, struggle with the cost of, then take deep breaths and face the reality of. Tomorrow or the next day we will rejoice that it is done and life can go on without that worry (and that money). Most importantly, life will go on.

So it is in the life of the church. Decisions about how to move ahead and how to use resources are sometimes driven by what is necessary, rather than exactly what we wish. Living Hope is   in a time of transition, in both leadership and vision for your future. And your decisions will likely be made with some combination of what is hoped for and what is possible.

Lent seems an appropriate time to spend time individually and     communally to reflect on what you want for Living Hope and what you are willing and able to do to move those ‘wants’ forward. This is a time to be hopeful and a time to be honest with each other. You have some help to sort out what the will of the congregation might be—how you all can continue to worship and serve God. Take this time and opportunity seriously.



March News from Session

Last month, we affirmed our commitment to ensure the work of the church continues and hire a part-time Bridge Pastor as soon as possible. We quickly arranged with the Reverend Barbara Jordan, (a frequent worship leader for us), to provide on call pastoral care until a Bridge Pastor could begin. It remains important for you to assist us by notifying Clerk of Session Kathryn Fresch or  Deacon Moderator Peggy Waterman of any circumstance where the presence and support of the church is needed.

At the February Session meeting, we voted to hire 2 part-time Bridge Pastors, beginning March 1 and serving until May 31. A three-month time frame was determined to allow us time to complete the visioning process and begin to consider future needs.

The Session is happy to introduce the Reverends Dee and Kelly Talley, serving as Bridge Co-Pastors. The position is part time at 25 hours per week.

Kelly and Dee will lead worship, preach and administer the sacraments, moderate the Session and Congregational Meetings, be a resource to the Deacons, provide pastoral care, lead the Wednesday Bible Study and support other committees of Session as necessary.


Dickson Hollow Area Resource Guide

Dickson Hollow Area Guide  - 3The Deacons at Living Hope Presbyterian Church, along with the staff at LHPC and Dickson Hollow, have created an Area Guide for new residents and visitors to Dickson Hollow. Listed in the guide are area business and attractions – grocery stores, banks, healthcare, shopping and entertainments – within 5 miles of our church and the Dickson Hollow Senior Living Center.

Copies are available at church, at the main desk of Dickson Hollow, and in the mailroom of Dickson Hollow.

Welcome to your new home – stop in for worship, fellowship, study, or Friday prayers. We look forward to meeting you.


More Updated Photos…

On 9-22-15, several of our Collaboration Planning Group, along with potential residents of Dickson Hollow, were able to participate in a ‘dusty shoe’ tour of the new facility.  Here are just a few pictures.  Thank you to Keith P. for the great photos!

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1444_1466 (2)

This is the approach to the Living Hope Presbyterian Church entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1445_1467 (3)

Living Hope Presbyterian Church main entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1451_1473 (3)

Sanctuary view. Stained glass windows will go in the vertical set of window panes.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1458_1480 (3)

View of the Great Hall at Dickson Hollow.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1459_1481 (3)

Outdoor gazebo of Dickson Hollow.