Epiphany Stars 2020

In celebration of both Epiphany and the beginning of a new year, we continue a                       tradition at Living Hope: Epiphany Stars. During communion on January 5, when you come forward to receive the bread and juice, you will also be offered an Epiphany Star.  These are simple paper stars with words of spiritual disciplines on them to use as a guide for the coming year.  The invitation to you will be to use that word as a way to orient yourself towards God for the coming year, giving you a potential guiding light for every day of 2020.


Some of our words:

peacefulness  –   reflection  –  forgiveness  –

commitment  –   cherish  – inspiration


Jan 2020 Bible Study Readings

Mondays at 9:30 AM

in the Brookfield Room

You are invited to join us!!  Even if you cannot attend our study group, you are invited to read through the passages prior to worship on Sunday.


Lesson Date and Passages:                                      For Sunday:

1/6    Matthew 3:13-17; Isaiah 42:1-9                         for 1/13

1/14   Isaiah 49:1-7; John 1:29-42                               for 1/19

1/20   Isaiah 9:1-4; Matthew 4:12-23                          for 1/26

1/27 1 Corinthians 1:18-31; Matthew 5:1-12             for 2/2


Kids’ Christmas Mission project

The Sunday School students and their teachers made arrangements to sponsor a family this Christmas through Christmas Clearing Council. Through the generosity of groups and          individuals from Living Hope and Dickson Hollow, over $800 worth of gifts were donated to the family of seven.  The students wrapped gifts and decorated cookies to take to the family and those, in addition to fruit, a Pick ‘n Save gift card and a beautiful poinsettia plant donated by the Deacons, were delivered on December 12.  Thank you to all who helped to make this family’s Christmas a little brighter this year.


Larry Under the Bridge

Larry Under the Bridge Ministry


Easter Sunday

April 16

Sign up to bring homemade Easter cookies or to help pack lunches after Easter worship.

Mission Committee will continue to collect monetary donations for purchasing food to pack for our Larry Under the Bridge lunch packing. It costs about $200 to pack the 24-30 lunches.

Please mark any donations “LUTB” on your giving envelopes. Thank you!


More Updated Photos…

On 9-22-15, several of our Collaboration Planning Group, along with potential residents of Dickson Hollow, were able to participate in a ‘dusty shoe’ tour of the new facility.  Here are just a few pictures.  Thank you to Keith P. for the great photos!

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1444_1466 (2)

This is the approach to the Living Hope Presbyterian Church entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1445_1467 (3)

Living Hope Presbyterian Church main entrance.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1451_1473 (3)

Sanctuary view. Stained glass windows will go in the vertical set of window panes.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1458_1480 (3)

View of the Great Hall at Dickson Hollow.

DH 9-22-15 DSCN1459_1481 (3)

Outdoor gazebo of Dickson Hollow.

Dickson Hollow – Aerial Photos 6-26-15

The following photos were taken of Dickson Hollow by a crew member of VJS Construction.  We appreciate their sharing these photos with us!  The first photo is the view from Pilgrim Road.  The second photo is the view from Lisbon Road.  On the Lisbon Road view, you can see BPCs entrance on the right.  It’s the one story portion with the roof finished except for the overhang on the entrance area.